Striking a balance between outsourcing and managing core competencies

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Organization heads usually view outsourcing as a strategy reserved for large corporations with capital to spare. However, technology has made outsourcing accessible even to small businesses and other organizations that are held back by rising operational costs and limitations.

Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of external suppliers and what they can do for organizations. Meanwhile, it has become more advantageous for organizations to outsource parts of their operations as keeping up with the demands of key stakeholders requires them to focus more on innovation and on their core competencies.

Leaders of organizations, however, are advised to carefully examine the components of their operations. The goal is to assess which parts can be outsourced and which require more attention and development in order to keep the organization at the top of its game. Some processes can be tempting to outsource because they’re deemed troublesome, but if these are vital to the organization’s core mission and goal, then it is best to keep them in-house.

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Reducing investment and focus on non-critical tasks is a definite advantage for any organization. When managers and key personnel don’t have to worry about minor tasks, they can focus on improving service delivery and providing more value to customers.

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