Three Indian festivals every traveler should experience

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India is one of the most highly spiritual countries in the world, celebrating festivals from different religious origins with the same passion and devotion. Those traveling to India should include these festivals to experience the country’s culture at its finest.

The Diwali or “Festival of Lights” is one of the most popular festivals in India that celebrates the start of the Hindu New Year. Filled with fireworks, candles and lamps, this festival represents light and happiness, brightness over darkness, and the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated for five days, starting at the Dhanteras and ends at Yama Dvitya.

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Holi or the “Festival of Colors” or “Festival of Love” also represents the victory of good over evil and the abundance of spring (harvest season). During this two-day festival, people throw colored powder and water at each other, eat, drink, and party.

Another festival is the Krishna Janmashtami or “Govinda” that honors the birth of the Hindu God Krishna, who was born to save people’s lives and remove their suffering through his teachings. People celebrate this with much enthusiasm and dedication; they fast, do puja (prayer ritual), and other fun activities like forming a human pyramid to reach and break clay pots filled with curd hung from buildings.

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These are just some of the many festivals India has to offer. Make sure to check their festival schedules when planning to visit the country.

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