Visa planning for the intrepid globe trekker

Visas are one of the most treasured keepsakes that a consummate traveler would have in their possession, serving as key mementos to the places they’ve visited. An important aspect of world travel, these documents grant legal entry to another country for a set period of time. Getting one is a crucial part of planning a trip abroad.

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Do your research

Always find out about the visa requirements about a country well in advance of the trip.
No two countries share identical visa rules. Many countries issue specific tourist visas, whose application processes vary in length, while others may not require a visa at all. Moreover, some supranational associations like the European Union issue a common visa that allows passage to multiple countries.

Research can be done at the requisite government office or at the tourism website of the destination country.

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Take your time

Visas often take some time to process, the period of which can vary from country to country. Some countries have notoriously complex visa procedures whereas others have relatively short processing times. India had provided a visa-on-arrival policy to boost tourism, whereas Russia is known for its ponderously long application forms.

For some visa applications, a consulate may require the passport and other pertinent documents, so it is imperative that these are not wanting in the time it takes to plan a trip. Schedule a trip once a visa has been approved.

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Enjoy your stay

Approved visas don’t last forever, and overstaying could very well lead to the destination country closing its doors on the visitor, possibly forever. Enjoy the stay while it lasts, that is, for as long, or shorter, than the visa prescribes. With a little luck and a lot of planning, a return trip in the future may be in order.

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