Indian government pushes Digital India to make passport applications easier

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Passport applications in India are expected to become easier with the new Digital India program. This government initiative aims to improve the current set-up in terms of both processing speed and efficiency. Digital India extends to other forms of online applications such as driving licenses and pensions. According to Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, the program will operate on the focus of Pillar 5: eKranti, which basically means that government services will be available to citizens online through an integrated and interoperable system.

The program is still in its natal stage, and bugs are expected. When considering the scale of the country, Indian government officials forecast the program to reach full optimization in around five to six years. This is also because the ultimate goal of Digital India is to provide online services for all conceivable applications, even such services as utility payments, municipality records, public distribution systems, etc. Its initial iteration, however, places emphasis on passport records.

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This has no bearing on prevailing Indian passport regulations. The government is slowly launching the program, and many sectors will only be reached by the end of the year. Still, applicants should speak with their consular advisors and determine whether their passport application would be available soon. Take note that the transition period may include some challenges but government officials assure applicants that everything should be operational in the next few months.

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