Key considerations when applying for a visa to India

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Applying for a visa to India is not a complicated process but does require the traveler to consider certain things. As with most visa applications, individuals are expected to possess a valid passport and complete the necessary documentation and photo requirements before being accepted. There is also a fee that must be paid, depending on the area the traveler will stay.

Unique to India though are different consulate requirements. The country covers a massive land span. As such, different provinces are ruled by various government agencies and offices. The general rules remain the same nationwide, but there are nuances within each consular that are not listed online. For example, most visa applications to India are done online or through a third-party representative. This is usually done when the applicant is still in his or her home country. The process should take approximately two weeks. However, there are cases when the traveler is already in Asia or another country and decides to apply for a visa to India. He or she would naturally presume to go through the same process but suddenly hits a snag: a physical letter becomes necessary detailing the traveler’s profession and reasons for going to India. Online debating does nothing to further the applicant’s case.

This is a fairly common experience for international travelers to India. These types of cases are best handled by a third-party consular service focused on India visa and passport applications. Travelers are spared any surprise as they are informed beforehand what each province expects and their specific travel requirements.

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CKGS deals specifically with all forms of consular services required in visa and passport applications in various areas in India. For speedier and stress-free applications, visit this website.


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