A newly-wed adventure: Perfect destinations in India for honeymooners

What’s the next thing that couples look forward to after having their dream wedding? The honeymoon, of course.

There is much to be excited about being married, which involves going to places and creating new adventures together, among the many firsts to be experienced as newly-weds. For the honeymoon, although there is the quintessential Parisian getaway or Caribbean escapade, couples may want to consider going to India for a dynamic journey to a land rich in history, culture, and aesthetics.

India is home not only to marvelous temples and palaces but also to beaches and gardens, among other breathtaking views and landscapes, making it an ideal place for honeymooners.

The smell of the beach

Kerala, located in Southern India, tops the list of the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon getaway by the beach. Kovalam, a small coastal town in Kerala, is known as the state’s most developed resort. Lighthouse Beach is the front-runner in terms of beachfront properties – hotels and restaurants – that couples may consider, especially those who want to wake up to a breathtaking ocean view. If vacationing on a budget, some of the highly recommended hotels to book are Sagara Beach Resort, Hotel Thushara, and Hotel Golden Sands.

Couples who are into more serene settings, but with tons of activities to offer, may opt to go to Lakshadweep, a northern extension of Maldives, boasting of marvelous flora and fauna.

Image source: covaipost.com

The sight of greenery

Couples who would rather behold the sight of greenery and appreciate nature at its finest may consider having their honeymoon in Nilgiris District, situated in Tamil Nadu. This part of India is known for its vast mountain range, combined with relaxing climate, which leaves travelers feeling rejuvenated.

Shimla, located in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is another option, being one of India’s most popular holiday tourist spot particularly during summer months. Within the same state, there’s also Manali, situated in the high-altitude of 6,726 ft, at the end of Kullu Valley. The place is distinguished for its mountain peaks, soothing weather, and lush greenery, which makes a beautiful and quixotic backdrop for a honeymoon.

Blues, greens, and everything in between

Couples who like a little bit of everything – a view of the lake, mountains, valleys, and even mosques – should head over to Srinagar, Kashmir. Also known as Heaven on the Earth, this place is the summer capital of Jammu, and is considered as one of the most romantic destinations in Asia.

Nainital is also an option. This place offers affordable honeymoon packages, while definitely not shortchanging on scenery, with lake, mountain backdrop and valleys to boot.

Image source: covaipost.com

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