Acing the interview: Some tips to get that visa to India

Securing any of the several visas to India would require an interview or a series of interviews at the consulate. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of success.

Don’t be late.

Embassy officers are strict with time. Not coming on time for your appointment might be taken as a sign that you are not seriously committed to visiting India. Respect for time is a very effective way to signify how you intend to behave once you actually reach the country.

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Dress appropriately.

The way you dress is also connected with how much regard you have regarding the opportunity that securing your visa grants you. You should not dress in a way that would be inclined too vulgar. You should dress professionally and in a way wherein the interviewer will see you as an equal.

Be courteous but confident.

Be courteous and well-mannered, but take care that you do not do it to the point that you appear to be rather artificial. Interviewers are trained to identify genuine behavior and the kind that is sincere. Be comfortable in your own skin and be confident about yourself in a manner that would be impressive to your interviewer.

Bring complete documents.

Chances are, you will be required to show your documents. If you have one item missing or if you don’t have them with you at all, you can be sure that your visa will be denied. Embassy officers will not take you seriously if you fail to bring a complete set of requirements.

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