Securing a long-term visa: Are you eligible to work in Japan?

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Many foreign workers – both skilled and unskilled – still dream of working in Japan despite the language barrier and the country’s reputation for long office hours. Foreigners usually see Japan not only as a dream holiday destination but also as an excellent place to work and live, with its efficient mass transit systems, distinct culture and tradition, disciplined population, and healthy economy, among others. Survey, in fact, shows that foreigners currently working in Japan are very satisfied with everything the country offers – compensation, working hours, relationships with superiors and colleagues, job content, and career development. In addition, with the recent move of the Japanese government to lure more workers from abroad, one can only expect good things ahead for foreigners who dream of coming to the country to work.

If you are one of those folks aspiring to go to Japan and staying over 90 days for paid employment, you need to determine first if you are eligible to work in the country. Below is a list of some of the professionals who can apply for a working visa in Japan:

1. Professors such as university professors and assistant professors
2. Artists such as composers, artists, sculptors, and photographers
3. Attorneys, judicial scriveners, public accountants and other legal and accounting professionals who are certified to work in Japan
4. Engineers such as scientific engineers and IT engineers
5. Foreign language teachers, interpreters, designers and other specialists in humanities and international services

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After determining if you are eligible to work in Japan based on the list of professions that can apply for work visa, the next step would be securing all the financial records and travel documents required before submitting your visa application.

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