Applying for an Indian intern visa

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Broadly defined, an intern is “a student or a trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or organization to gain work experience.” Thus, an internship is a great way, especially for new graduates or young professionals, to assess and determine the career they intend to pursue. Internships, which are also called work or industrial placements, provide an excellent opportunity for future employees to gain “on-the-job” experience in a particular field or industry, weigh their career options, network with prospective employers and colleagues and industry movers and shakers, or for soon-to-be graduates, earn additional academic credits. And while most internships are available locally, there is also a growing number of overseas placements.

India, for instance, attracts many foreign interns who would want exposure in the IT industry. The country’s IT sector, in fact, is one of the biggest drivers of the economy, with the city of Bangalore known as India’s version of Silicon Valley.

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For those who wish to do their internship in India, it is critical that they secure the correct visa to gain entry to the country. What foreigners need to apply for is the intern visa, which is issued to an intern of an Indian firm, academic institution, or non-governmental organization (NGO).

Before an intern visa is granted, an applicant must fulfill a number of conditions, including:

· The foreigner must comply with all legal requirements like tax liabilities.

· The intern must submit a letter from the Indian company, educational institution, or NGO that is sponsoring the internship. The letter must specify the period of internship.

· The time between completion of graduation and commencement of the internship should not be more than a year.

Intern visa applicants who will be doing volunteer work with charities or non-profit organizations need to present a letter from the sponsoring organization that details the nature and duration of the visit and place of work.

As for the duration of the visa or the number of entries granted, it would solely depend on the discretion of the Indian Embassy or Consulate.

CKGS is the official partner of the Embassy of India in the U.S. providing visa application and data management services. For more information about the CKGS and the various missions it serves, click here.

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