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The six-month rule: Why it is a must to renew passports before they expire

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When a person leaves and enters a country, he or she will be required to present a valid passport so immigration officials can check their identity. In the United States, most passports have a ten-year validity from the date they were issued. While a lot of people think it’s okay to use their passport until its month of expiration, it is advisable that they have it renewed months before their planned trips.

Governments, airlines, and cruise lines have rules regarding passport validity. For example, all foreign travelers bound for China should have a passport that is valid for six months before they are allowed to enter the country. If the person’s passport will expire in less than six months, they may be denied entry to their country of destination.

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When planning for a trip, it is best to check the country’s passport or visa requirements. Renewing passports at least six months before they expire is safe enough for tourists to have peace of mind before they plan their travel.

Passport renewals in the United States usually take up to four to six weeks of processing. Expedited applications can take two to three weeks. However, the time it takes to mail applications is not included in this frame. Americans who live outside the United States can have their passports renewed by visiting their local consulate offices.

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Touring India? Securing a tourist visa

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Foreigners visiting India need to have a passport with a valid visa. The visa can be taken from any Indian Mission or Post. The signed application form should be completed and subsequently, submitted to the nearest Indian Visa Application Center.

There is another way, however – the e-Tourist Visa. The process of obtaining an Indian e-Tourist Visa is entirely online. As convenient as this may seem, the applicant is still highly recommended to exercise caution when giving his or her personal details over the internet.

The process itself in applying for an e-Tourist visa is straightforward. There are four steps: applying online by uploading a photo and a passport page, paying the visa fee online via a credit or debit card, receiving an e-Tourist visa online (email), and printing the e-Tourist visa to bring along during the trip.

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As for Indian tourist visa eligibility, here are the parameters applicants need to remember:

• All foreign visitors who want to visit India can have the following reasons for touring the country: to go sight-seeing, to visit friends or relatives, to undergo a short-term medical procedure, or to attend a casual business meeting.

• Passports should be valid for at least six months — from the time the passport owner touches down in India.

• Immigration Officers will need to stamp on the passport. There should be two pages in the passport for this.

• Foreign visitors should have either return or onward journey tickets to show at immigration, and enough cash to sustain them during their stay in the country.

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Avoiding Denied Visa Applications – Cox & Kings Global Services Explains

Having an international visa application denied is patently frustrating. However, if you are conscientious about your visa application and do your utmost to meet the required standards, you will very likely be approved. Here are a few factors that could make the difference between denial and acceptance.


Make sure you have all of the correct documents. Failing to provide all of the required documentation will result in visa rejection, as will providing inappropriate copies of certain documents. Diplomatic missions outsource agency Cox & Kings Global Services recommends that you be vigilant about checking and double checking your documents. You will need your valid passport, an additional form of identification, your passport photograph, your receipt for payment processing (and the credit card that was used if payment was made by credit card), your Nonimmigrant Visa Application form, and an F1 Student Eligibility Certificate and a firm letter of admission from a recognized educational institution (if applying for a student visa).

Make sure you have proof that your finances are in order. You must be able to demonstrate your ability to finance your visit. Failing to meet a standard for basic needs – room and board, tuition, medical care, etc. – will result in a denial.

Make sure you are prepared for your interview. Appearing nervous, not having a clear goal for your visit, being late for the interview, or being unable to demonstrate your truthfulness during the interview will lead to a refusal.

Make sure you demonstrate your willingness/preparedness to return to your home country. If your interviewer suspects that you plan on outstaying your visa, he or she will issue a denial. While there aren’t any concrete documents that are required for proof of return, it is a good idea to let your interviewer know of any obligations you have in your native country that will necessitate your return. These include the ownership of property, a spouse and children, strong family ties, the ownership of a business, and firm commitments in your country that have been previously made.

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