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Capturing biometric data: Fingerprint recognition

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These days, passport and visa applications require more than paper documents. With the advancement of technology, applicants are required to give their biometric data, particularly digital photograph and fingerprints. And just like any requirement, the enrollment of biometric identifiers must meet certain conditions.

For example, in taking fingerprint data, diplomatic missions and their outsourced service delivery partners follow procedures in accordance with the international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Complying with standards is critical in ensuring that data collected is accurate and globally interoperable.

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There are three classes of fingerprint biometric technology: Finger image-based systems, finger minutiae-based systems, and finger pattern-based systems. Finger image-based systems are used for enrollment, searching, and verification. For matching and analysis purposes, the minutia-based and pattern-based systems are employed. But regardless of the technology or use, what is crucial is that from the capturing of the raw biometric sample to its storage, compression, and compression, the collected data must be uncompromised.

The 9/11 attacks in the U.S. had many countries stepping up their national security efforts, including rolling out more stringent international travel policies. While the process of biometric enrollment may be deemed time-consuming by some passport and visa applicants, it is a necessary step to verify the identity of a traveler.

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