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India’s awe-inspiring modern structures every traveler must see

India should be on the bucket list of every architect. It has a long history of structural marvels that can inspire innovative ideas among artists. Many modern monuments are influenced by the country’s heritage of ancient architecture. True enough, these newer structures uphold the country’s rich legacy of artistic masterpieces.

Image source: akshardham.com

Lotus Temple, New Delhi. The award-winning structure features three sets of nine marble petals arranged to form the shape of a half-open lotus flower. It is a Bahai Temple open to people of different faiths.

Image source: architecture-student.com

Akshardham Temple, New Delhi. One of the world’s largest Hindu temples, Akshardham was completed in 2005 and involved around 11,000 artisans. The massive structure features intricate images of scenes from Indian mythology, carved on pink stone and white marble.

i Flex Building, Karnataka. This futuristic, iconic building is a steel-colored asymmetrical structure with its suspended floors as the highlight. The building, which spans 144,000 square feet, can accommodate as many as 1,500 employees and is now operated by Oracle Financial Services.

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