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Passport maintenance: Small details which can invalidate your passport

Traveling to India, whether for business or pleasure, is one of the most worthwhile decisions that you can make. However, it is not unheard of for this exciting prospect to be taken away by utterly minor details that have to do with your passport:

Image source: occrp.org

1. Physical wear is a common culprit in your passport’s credibility. Torn pages or peeling lamination can be perceived as signs of fraud. Awkward crumpling and irregular folds can get in the way of the readability of critical passport information. Ink blotches and random stains can give the exact same effects, too.

2. Inconsistencies in personal information have been known to be quite a nuisance when they cast doubt on the minds of the immigration officers. If your appearance is drastically different from what is seen on your passport, this can cause a problem. If you sign a document that does not match fairly with the signature as shown in your passport, the same goes.

3. Validity can cause huge problems too, especially if your travel date is quite close to the date of your passport’s expiration. Often, it is prudent to have your passport valid for not less than the next months to your scheduled travel date.

Image source: kellyellamaz.com

Bear in mind that a passport not only serves as your literal pass document once you enter another country’s port. It is expected to be your primary identification when you go around. This is the reason the passport is the most sacred travel document that you should have on your person at all times.

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