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Important baggage tips when traveling to a foreign land


While traveling abroad may have you thinking about with your accommodation, flight details, and itinerary, there is one subject that both new and seasoned travelers struggle with every time – packing. Yes, a lot of the minor hassles of a trip arise when people haphazardly pack their belongings. To help you pack smarter for your next getaways, here are some baggage tips …

… on choosing luggage

For most trips, especially quick ones, only a single bag will do. A heavy-duty case or a reliable, water-resistant backpack that can readily fit into the overhead compartment space of an airplane is best. With the single-bag mindset, travelers can easily add one more bag to carry all the travel documents, and a laptop if necessary.

Image result for choosing luggageImage source: aarp.org

… on packing clothing

For clothing, the rule of thumb is – the denser, the better. If it can be rolled, roll it. If it can be folded, fold it. This ensures that the space in the bag is maximized. Some people even use Ziploc bags and put out the air for a better fit. Ideally, clothing should only take up a third of the space inside the bag.

… on electronic gadgets

For many diplomatic missions, many people take along their laptops and mobile phones. That’s it. However, some people who believe they’ll be having some leisure time to themselves bring their high-end cameras. This is okay if a person will be shooting professionally. If not, phone cameras are enough for souvenir shots.


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Image source: smartertravel.com

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India: A walk through a conglomeration of cultures

Image Source: rediff.com

From famous world heritage spots, grasslands, and religious sculptures to gastronomic eats and colorful festivals, India is just a mixture of different elements.

Indeed, diversity makes India one of the most engaging, spiritual, and life-affirming countries. While it is considered a go-to destination, it is not for the unnerved tourist. Those who have visited the country, at one time or another, would say they have been stunned by what they had seen. For a country marked by poverty, noise, and overpopulation, there is so much to be shocked about.

But behind this unattractiveness, India has a lot to be proud of. Indian people are naturally friendly. Food has a quaint appeal with the adoption of modern development. Various industries from textile and steel, mining and agriculture, manufacturing and export to arts and entertainment support its economy.

Image Source: skymetweather.com

Moreover, India is home to many tourist destinations that welcome leisurely exploration, boat rides, spiritual retreats, and even yoga participation. Here are some of them:

• Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan encloses several palaces with intricate carvings and expansive courtyards.
• River Ganges lets tourists enjoy boat rides.
• Kaziranga National Park shelters tigers, buffalo, and rhinos, among others.
• Taj Mahal combines elements from Indian, Islamic, Persian, and Turkish architectural styles and is known for having the famous Lotus pool at its southern view.
• Nagaland protects the Naga people live in isolation from the busy city.
• Darjeeling offers tea shops, temples, and colonial buildings.
• The city of Lucknow charms food lovers from all walks of life through a combination of ethnic to modern and simple to complex Indian cuisine.

Image Source: embarqueaqui.com.br

India may be the face of variation, contrast, and assortment, but visitors and locals are one in saying that this country stimulates the senses and ignites the soul.

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