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A test of character: How do you fill out your visa forms?

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There are still some people who don’t take a mature enough approach toward securing a visa. In order to put the task into context, a visa application is the most polite way of asking a foreign country for permission to enter its territory. How this is done also reflected in the way that visa forms are filled out, which ultimately reveals a person’s character.

The number one thing that must be remembered is to give detailed information, which is also accurate. If the document submission would lead to an interview and the applicant is asked questions, the responses should be aligned with the information on the form. To do the exact opposite will spell disaster.

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One must also write in legible handwriting. It is important to make sure to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. This is because even the slightest error in spelling can invalidate the application altogether. It also causes room for doubt on the part of the diplomatic officer.

Ensure that a neatly filled out form is handed. Erasures are not only messy, but they also speak of a person’s level of seriousness on his application. Crumples and tears are a definite turn-off. It shows a lack of respect for the authority in the diplomatic mission.

It is cumbersome to fill out visa application documents, and sometimes it can make you feel like you are doing an unnecessary chore. However, this is old knowledge. Treat the visa application form as a measure of your character, and you’ll increase your chances of success.

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Visa planning for the intrepid globe trekker

Visas are one of the most treasured keepsakes that a consummate traveler would have in their possession, serving as key mementos to the places they’ve visited. An important aspect of world travel, these documents grant legal entry to another country for a set period of time. Getting one is a crucial part of planning a trip abroad.

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Do your research

Always find out about the visa requirements about a country well in advance of the trip.
No two countries share identical visa rules. Many countries issue specific tourist visas, whose application processes vary in length, while others may not require a visa at all. Moreover, some supranational associations like the European Union issue a common visa that allows passage to multiple countries.

Research can be done at the requisite government office or at the tourism website of the destination country.

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Take your time

Visas often take some time to process, the period of which can vary from country to country. Some countries have notoriously complex visa procedures whereas others have relatively short processing times. India had provided a visa-on-arrival policy to boost tourism, whereas Russia is known for its ponderously long application forms.

For some visa applications, a consulate may require the passport and other pertinent documents, so it is imperative that these are not wanting in the time it takes to plan a trip. Schedule a trip once a visa has been approved.

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Enjoy your stay

Approved visas don’t last forever, and overstaying could very well lead to the destination country closing its doors on the visitor, possibly forever. Enjoy the stay while it lasts, that is, for as long, or shorter, than the visa prescribes. With a little luck and a lot of planning, a return trip in the future may be in order.

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India on a budget: Highs and lows of off-peak season travel

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Winter season draws in the most visitors to India. The weather is pleasant for most parts of the country and many of its fairs and festivals are held during that time. In contrast, the monsoon season makes traveling around India difficult while not many are interested to visit during the summer season when the weather can get too hot.

As can be expected, off-peak season in India is mostly due to the high temperatures and high humidity. Summer peaks from May to June and most areas experience temperature of 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Most tourists find this temperature exhausting and extremely uncomfortable, when combined with the high humidity.

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If that doesn’t deter you, then you can experience India without too many other tourists, making for a more laid-back vibe. Summer in India is also the best time to travel to the Himalayas for a cool retreat. Some areas also offer opportunities for adventure sports such as trekking, paragliding, and angling.

Apart from these perks, airlines, tour operators, hotels, and travel companies offer many deals to make up for the low number of travelers. One can expect discounted prices on fares and lodging, assortment of freebies, and special offers to make the trip more pleasant.

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India: The Taj Mahal and other must-see destinations for first-time visitors

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It is understandable that most first-time visits to India involve seeing the Taj Mahal. After all, the Taj is considered as one of the World’s Wonders and one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, so it would be a waste to visit India without experiencing the majesty and romance of this jewel of Muslim art.

However, given that India is a vast country, it should come as no surprise that it has a lot more to offer to visitors. The country can provide a wealth of experience to any traveler, from its many temples to the diverse sights of its many regions.

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For instance, there is Amritsar and its Golden Temple. The number of visitors this sacred Sikh shrine now rivals the Taj’s, and it attracts many pilgrims from all over the world. The main temple is most beautiful during the nighttime because it is beautifully lit up, highlighting the pure gold dome.

Jodhpur, meanwhile, is also a prime destination because of the Meherangarh Fort. Situated atop a hill that rises 400 feet above the city, the fort remains as an imposing sight and offers many things to discover inside. Among its attractions is the museum, which contains a grand collection of art from the Mughal period of Indian history.

Finally, one should also go and see at least one of the many sound and light shows that India has to offer. Purana Qila in Delhi is a relatively new one but it is a great way to learn about the history of Delhi and its connection with the mythology of Mahabharata and Indraprastha.

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