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A closer look at the complex process of making a passport


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Have you ever wondered how passports are made and why forgers get caught year after year for failing to match their intricacies? The production of passports involves a complicated process that pays keen attention to the minutest of details and uses modern technological safeguards. In the U.S. alone, each passport issued goes through layers of security protocols and is printed using 60 different materials.

One of the most noticeable passport complexities is the font type, which is chosen specifically by a country’s government. The very typeface is guarded closely and comes with its own little eccentricities and deliberate flaws. This further makes the type harder to replicate.

Another is the stamp, which likewise varies per country. This stamp is applied to the passport using hot-foil stamping, a process that in itself is very difficult to forge since the seals are proprietary.

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Thirdly, the printing method involved in passports exceed industry-standard resolutions, meaning there are details in a passport that cannot be seen under the naked eye. This technique is complemented by the use of an equally elaborate and optically variable ink which looks iridescent, as well as specialty inks, fine engravings, and even the now-standard hologram.

Finally, modern biometric passports now come with embedded chips, a small rectangle that stores critical information about the passport holder. This allows for another layer of data verification apart from what’s already printed on the passport itself.

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Take the plunge: Beaches to visit in your trip to India

From experiencing the culture to marveling at historical sights, tourists have countless of reasons to visit India. Add to this list of reasons the country’s stunning beaches, which are beginning to gain recognition worldwide.

India’s beaches are known for their diversity. Whether you’re looking for a quiet time along the shores or some beach parties, you can definitely find a shoreline for you. Here are some of the coasts India is known for:

Kovalam in Kerala

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Kovalam is a beach town in the southern state of Kerala and is home to two beaches: Lighthouse Beach and Hawa Beach. Both are loved by tourists because of their convenience. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in the area ready to serve beach-ready travelers.

Varkala Beach in Kerala

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A less commercialized beach compared to Kovalam, Varkala Beach is chosen by tourists because of its cleanliness. White sands surrounded by greenery await those who choose to spend a quiet time at Varkala. Many yoga enthusiasts travel to this beach to find serenity.

The state of Goa

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Goa’s coastline is home to a number of beaches, so you can easily find one that meets your desires. To name some, there’s the scenic Palolem Beach that is enclosed by a thick forest of coconut palms, the energetic Baga Beach known for its parties, nightlife, and delectable seafood, and the secluded Mandrem Beach that’s a favorite among honeymooners because of its privacy.

These are just some of the beaches you can discover in India. If your travel curiosities have been piqued by these, go ahead and prepare your tourist visa to India and experience one of the most memorable trips you will take.

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India: The Taj Mahal and other must-see destinations for first-time visitors

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It is understandable that most first-time visits to India involve seeing the Taj Mahal. After all, the Taj is considered as one of the World’s Wonders and one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, so it would be a waste to visit India without experiencing the majesty and romance of this jewel of Muslim art.

However, given that India is a vast country, it should come as no surprise that it has a lot more to offer to visitors. The country can provide a wealth of experience to any traveler, from its many temples to the diverse sights of its many regions.

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For instance, there is Amritsar and its Golden Temple. The number of visitors this sacred Sikh shrine now rivals the Taj’s, and it attracts many pilgrims from all over the world. The main temple is most beautiful during the nighttime because it is beautifully lit up, highlighting the pure gold dome.

Jodhpur, meanwhile, is also a prime destination because of the Meherangarh Fort. Situated atop a hill that rises 400 feet above the city, the fort remains as an imposing sight and offers many things to discover inside. Among its attractions is the museum, which contains a grand collection of art from the Mughal period of Indian history.

Finally, one should also go and see at least one of the many sound and light shows that India has to offer. Purana Qila in Delhi is a relatively new one but it is a great way to learn about the history of Delhi and its connection with the mythology of Mahabharata and Indraprastha.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

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Avoiding Denied Visa Applications – Cox & Kings Global Services Explains

Having an international visa application denied is patently frustrating. However, if you are conscientious about your visa application and do your utmost to meet the required standards, you will very likely be approved. Here are a few factors that could make the difference between denial and acceptance.


Make sure you have all of the correct documents. Failing to provide all of the required documentation will result in visa rejection, as will providing inappropriate copies of certain documents. Diplomatic missions outsource agency Cox & Kings Global Services recommends that you be vigilant about checking and double checking your documents. You will need your valid passport, an additional form of identification, your passport photograph, your receipt for payment processing (and the credit card that was used if payment was made by credit card), your Nonimmigrant Visa Application form, and an F1 Student Eligibility Certificate and a firm letter of admission from a recognized educational institution (if applying for a student visa).

Make sure you have proof that your finances are in order. You must be able to demonstrate your ability to finance your visit. Failing to meet a standard for basic needs – room and board, tuition, medical care, etc. – will result in a denial.

Make sure you are prepared for your interview. Appearing nervous, not having a clear goal for your visit, being late for the interview, or being unable to demonstrate your truthfulness during the interview will lead to a refusal.

Make sure you demonstrate your willingness/preparedness to return to your home country. If your interviewer suspects that you plan on outstaying your visa, he or she will issue a denial. While there aren’t any concrete documents that are required for proof of return, it is a good idea to let your interviewer know of any obligations you have in your native country that will necessitate your return. These include the ownership of property, a spouse and children, strong family ties, the ownership of a business, and firm commitments in your country that have been previously made.

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